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The Untold Story about Southeast's Successful Action Plan to Fight COVID-19

San Antonio facility turns the corner on Coronavirus; It’s been over three weeks since new case identified.

(SAN ANTONIO, April 27, 2020)—Southeast Nursing & Rehabilitation Center (Southeast) today reported significant progress and extraordinary improvement in patient health and outcomes at the facility. The turnaround is attributed to Southeast’s medical professionals who systematically and thoroughly implemented proactive and protective measures in conjunction with strict guidance from the Bexar County Health Authority, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

In addition to the guidance provided by regulators, Southeast’s leaders have counseled with additional subject matter experts who assisted with daily policy and procedure audits. These internal and external third-party surveys confirmed the quality of care being delivered. In addition, the examiners validated compliance with all regulations governing the facility’s delivery of resident care and food service.

In addition to these measures, the team has implemented the following interventions to protect the health and safety of the residents and the staff:

  • Implementing daily physician “rounds” for every resident

  • Checking round-the-clock vital signs and symptoms of residents’ health

  • Adhering to strict protocols for patient care and infection control

  • Eliminated resident use of high-risk medications such as nebulizers and replaced them with medications that don’t create chances of virus spread

  • Treated select residents with various cutting-edge treatments after informed- consent protocols and accompanied by continuous monitoring

Covid-19 success is almost impossible to quantify. However, since Southeast imposed all of the measures listed above, and there have been no deaths or resident transfers to acute hospitals attributed to COVID-19. The last positive COVID-19 report occurred on April 2nd, and no new positive cases have been identified since then. In fact, several residents have been released from hospitals and returned to Southeast. That alone is a strong indicator the nursing facility has moved from crisis to recovery mode.

We are turning the corner,” said Dr. J.H. Higuchi MD, FCCP, Southeast’s Medical Director. “I’m very grateful to the professionals and staff who have stayed true to our care.” Nationwide, thousands of senior care centers have faced similar challenges in their care for residents. Experts have decried the criticism ascribed to the skilled nursing industry as a whole. Southeast’s Medical Director said the blame “pile-on” is wrong. “The virus didn’t start in a nursing facility,” said Dr. Higuchi. “It began overseas, and then this evil virus raced through buildings that are normally secured against such a threat." Higuchi said he hopes the focus soon turns toward what’s been done right in the Covid- 19 battle. “That’s the only way we can learn and protect ourselves for the future,” he added.

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